9. to Ava…

Sunday 06 AUGUST 2017

For fourteen years now you are my partner in all things. The odd thing is you are the voice (and the force) of reason and I am your wild charge. Until those moments when I lose my nerve. Then you take my hand, pump it three heartbeats and whisper telepathically, “Jump, Mom. I’ll come with you.” And I do. And you do. And we turn into freebirds gliding for days on a single thermal, swooping past each other in turns. Eventually we get tired and you find us a perch. When we stop, our hearts racing, you can’t wait to tell me about something you saw. “Tell me more,” I say, “I want to see it too,” because I want to see you. And you do. And I do.


…on your fourteenth birthday.ava_blog

5 thoughts on “9. to Ava…

  1. Ava, keep this thing here. Print it out or memorize it, but hold it near. It will bear you up in times when you fly alone. And you won’t be ever alone.

    Happy birthday.


  2. Hi Ava: I truly miss you and your parents so much it has been far too long since I was last with you. You are now 14 years old and growing too fast it almost seems like just a few years ago you were a young girl in the swing down at the park near your home in Ann Arbor, now you are becoming a world explorer. I remember we your dad and I sailed along the east coast facing the unknowns of the weather and different small towns we visited along the way. Hope you had a beautiful wonderful birthday. I have a gift for you once you return.

    Love you very much.



  3. I was weepy reading your birthday message to Ava. It was so beautiful and heartfelt! I only wish my mother had written something so lovely to me. Cherish this time with each other.


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